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Harvest Bin Trailers

Harvest bin trailers are designed to be used with 48" x 48" harvest bins.


Manual Tilt

Ranging from 1 to 5 Bin 

All of our bin trailers are manual latching trailers

Bin stops are colored red for safety

Manual throw over 

All of our trailers come with manual throw over and colored red for safety. Easier to see from the operators view whether or not the bins are secured.

Rear View 1.jpg
Implement Wheels.jpg

Implement wheels

15" Implement wheels

15" implement wheels with ribbed tires make it ideal for between row transport. These implement wheels are designed to work in fields unlike regular trailer wheels that are narrow.

Swappable Hitch

2" Ball or Clevis

With the ability to switch out between the clevis hitch to a 2" ball hitch. This trailer is versatile when it comes to what type of vehicle can pull it, ATV, UTV, Tractor or even a Pickup.

Hitch Type 2_edited.jpg
Hitch Type 1_edited.jpg
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